It's here! After dozens of shoots, thousands of photos, and many months of hard work, we are pleased to bring you the 2010-2011 Women of the East Side Calendar. Eighteen months of beautiful engineering ladies, all hailing from the East Side of MIT.

This year's calendar is the greatest yet - we guarantee that you've never seen anything like it. We've put together eighteen unique layouts to showcase the beauty of our gorgeous models. The calendar itself features essential academic, holiday, and party dates - perfect for keeping yourself organized.

It's for a good cause! Every cent of profit from the sale of this calendar goes directly to the James E. Roberts Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund (the "Big Jimmy Fund"). You can also donate directly to the fund - not only do we appreciate it, all donations of $50 and above receive a free calendar!

What are you waiting for? If you have questions, check out the FAQ or contact us directly. Otherwise:


Obnoxious disclaimer:

We are in no way whatsoever affiliated with the Corporation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, nor do we bear any official endorsement or recognition from the Institute itself. Yes, the producers and the models are all current or former MIT students. Yes, every shoot was taken on the MIT campus — but we're pretty sure the 'tvte itself doesn't officially hold with producing sexy calendars for charity. Just so you know.